Is A Persons Soul Inexorably Linked To Their Physical Consciousness?

May 8th, 2010
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Whether it be within biological or mechanical confines? Even if broken away from it’s original birth into this world? Biologically say a persons consciousness, and not just their memories, are able to be uploaded into a clone either directly or indirectly through a computer hard drive after their death. Or with the same process into an android body, or only an android brain in a biological body. Perhaps even a scenario where their consciousness is within an artificial intelligence supercomputer.

Their consciousness may have even been saved for 1000 years on a hard drive before being awakened and reborn in a new body or digital thought matrix. There’s also people who are cryogenically frozen and brought back to life after hundreds or even thousands of years.

Does the soul or spirit disconnect from their consciousness and then reconnect when they come back to life? Or does the soul never return and all we get is an empty shell of a person? That’s assuming the soul plays an integral role in who we are. That it has a role along with genetics and environment in shaping who we are as a person. Of course some don’t believe we have spirits and souls therefore it is a null factor and we cease to exist upon final death.

We all exist in a realm of pure thought in our ascended Godhood form(our soul or spirit) as we speak since such a place exists outside the confines of time we do not merely exist there only after our death. The memories from all our lives in the various near infinite parallel Universes are imbued upon our spirit allowing us to ascend to Godhood upon all our deaths due to the immense wealth of knowledge and experiences we would have collected. The same mechanism that connects our soul to our original birth would most likely connect us to our resurrections as well.  Said mechanism may be as simple as our soul existing outside space in the realm of pure thought and therefore not having any measurable dimensions.  Which means it can be connected to us over unimaginably vast distances connected to our bodies, and consciousnesses which may in fact be one in the same as they are pure thought at the fundamental level just as all matter and energy is.  It may even be attracted to the uniqueness of our consciousness so if our life was resurrected in a new body, biological or mechanical, our spirit would re-connect with us.  That is if it had ever left to begin with. 

This brings up the concept that we are in fact a living component of our Godhood minds.  One minuscule part of a super near infinite mind that may be considered infinite due to the fact that it will exist for all eternity or due to the fact it exists outside of time therefore automatically giving it the properties of infinity.  We already technically exist in the realm of pure thought and the Universe is merely a holographic type illusion where pure thought manifests into energy which forms the illusion of matter around us.  All for the purpose of providing us with invaluable knowledge and experiences over the grand parallel Universal spectrum that composes the mind of Gods.  Your mind, and body are apart of an amazing God that is you and connects everyone in a spectacular matrix of ultimate power that will live on for all eternity.

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