Could Our Dreams Be More Than Meets The Eye?

May 6th, 2010

Most dream experts seem to think dreaming is our subconscious acting out various issues in our lives and random thoughts as well.  Some think it’s simply our mind organizing the data it has collected in an efficient manner similar to a computer performing a disk defragmentatoin.  All of those may very well be true but dreams could also be memories from one of our near infinite parallel lives in any one of the near infinite parallel Universes we exist in.  Godhoodism believes that all our memories from all our lives flow into our soul or spirit yet it is implausible that memories would flow back from it.  The alternative is that the memories flow five dimensionally particularly when we’re in REM sleep dreaming.

We can think of ourselves as 5-D beings.  We are connected to ourself in all times within this Universe making us a complete 4-D being.  In each Universe we exist we have a parallel 4-D self all of which are connected together within 5-D space to complete a 5-D being.  A portion of which makes up our spirit.  We also exist in other Multiverses where things are quite different and there is no connection to this Universe.   All the 4-D Universes exist within the same 5-D space separated only by the frequency at which their energy strings vibrate.   So also do our near infinite 4-D bodies exist within the 5-D space.  5-D space has no properties of space or time so despite moving around all over the place in different realities we can exist in the same space.  Our thoughts interact with the pure thought foundation of the Universe which is connected to the energy strings that are the foundation of matter.  This is the process by which each decision causes us to skew off into other Universes without even noticing as they are practically identical.

So it would stand to reason that there might sometimes be random exchanges of thoughts with all our parallel minds connected 5-D or more likely we shared a similar experience with our parallel self and the memories become attracted to one another causing an exchange.  Such dreams might be ones where you living in a life that has similarities to your own but where there are obvious differences.  Perhaps people you don’t know yet in the dream you know them intimately knowing many details about them.  Such dreams might seem very real without you being lucid and knowing it’s a dream.

Such parallel exchanges might be nearly non-existent for some while being very strong for others due to the genetics of their particular 3-D brain.  Just as some have very little temporal exchange with their past and future selves while others can see the future and have psychic ability.  It is also plausible that those who speak of past life memories aka reincarnation may in fact be remembering their parallel lives.  If they also have temporal memory exchange then the ancient nature of the memories would be explainable and if they don’t then it could still be explained by the fact that times in parallel Universes aren’t all in sync.  Not to mention the fact that societies would progress differently in other realities as well.  Godhoodims does not believe in reincarnation past lives as it serves no purpose seeing as you live out all scenarios in the parallel Universes so there’s no reason to exist multiple times in the same Universe.  We believe each soul is an integral part of each Universe and there are infinite souls and redundancy is a Universe is unnecessary and makes no sense.  Especially since it accomplishes nothing in terms of it being a scenario to play out.  That being said however the only  instance where one soul exists multiple times one Universe is in the case of identical twins who we believe to be the same soul and therefore the same person.

Just as people can have precognitive dreams so to can they have parallel dreams or even precognitive parallel dreams.  Such dreams might not seem to the have the same importance as simple precognitive dreams other than being an interesting curiosity.  Although in some cases you might be able to see alternative outcomes to decisions you might make in the future or even see how things might have been different in the past.  The key is to write down your dreams as soon as you awake and keep a dream log to see if your consistently having 5-D dreams and then analyze if there’s any pattern to your parallel lives and how it might effect you in this Universe.

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