Evolution vs Creation Debate

February 5th, 2014
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Bill Nye The Science Guy Debates Ken Ham The Creationist Guy

Intelligently Guided Evolution Of Continual Creation

First HumansGodhoodism believes in simultaneous creationism, and evolution.  Or an intelligently guided evolution of continual creation that is still happening as we speak. God clearly went to some trouble to make things look natural, and he himself remains hidden.  It’s reasonable to assume he wanted to create sentient beings in his own image, meaning similar consciousness, who would grow into Gods someday by existing on their own free of a Father God keeping them in a child like state.  If God wanted us to be his eternal children then he’d be here to raise us wouldn’t he?   It would be natural that a God would want to see how beings would do on their own without him. So in the case of creating a realistic environment it would be silly to make the Universe in seven days rather than billions of years.  Also time would have no meaning for a higher dimensional God so why do a rush job over the course of one week?

There’s no evidence for life magically coming into existence quickly with no incremental steps along with everyone that exists now springing form Noah’s Ark.  Certainly a religious book written thousands of years ago with no proof that God inspired it can’t be taken as the truth.  I’d think the words would bring tears to every humans eyes if it was in fact the word of a higher dimensional being.  It makes more sense that God would direct his thoughts into higher dimensional layers that eventually form energy that makes up the Big Bang, or other Universal creation catalysts found in other Multiverses.    Then we get matter, celestial bodies, planets, natural chemical compounds, and eventually life that slowly builds into more complex species until we get sentient humans.  Now odds are slim this could happen on it’s own but in an infinite Universe it’s said everything happens.  The odds are 100% over the course of eternity in an infinite Universe.  However we believe God created a program that automatically guided the evolution of Universe, and life on planets, or perhaps he’s been secretly guiding it all along.  Most likely the creation process never ends until a planet dies.  Over the great expanse of the Universe, Multiverses, Omniverse, and beyond into the Macroverse the creation process goes on for eternity!

It’s our belief that most Universes are created as a natural habitat for intelligent beings to create complex societies that eventually evolve into Gods through amazing technology.  The multiple parallel Universes also give humans a wealth of experiences that culminate in their higher dimensional souls also allowing for the wisdom to ascend to Godhood.  So the entire intelligently guided evolution process leads up to sentient beings such as humans.  In our case it seems we directly evolved form ape like creatures.  If we had to pick an animal we most look like it would be them.  As primitive humankind grew incrementally out of these animals there was a certain point where God finally decided that a higher dimensional Angelic soul would be attached to it.  A point where the mind created a frequency that matched the equivalent soul making them the same entity.  Science seems to indicate that genetic Adam, and genetic Eve lived thousands of years apart rather than in a mystical garden together.  Although this just means that the genes surviving today came from them, and that many others lived at the same time.

Lost in the dust piles of the past it would be possible for God to sneak in, or declare the first evolved human man, and woman.  A male, and female born at roughly the same time who got the first human souls.  Perhaps he even directed them to a Garden Of Eden but it’s doubtful he’d go through the entire evolutionary process, and then make them out of thin air.  If there was an Adam, and Eve in a paradise Garden Of Eden then they clearly had parents not considered humans who had no souls. I’d imagine that would make for awkward family reunions.  Especially if they weren’t allowed in the Garden.  Another scenario that could make aspects of the Bible true are extraterrestrials acting as our Gods.  Extraordinary beings that terraformed Earth, and seeded it with life genetically guided by alien science to create us.  We could also be formed from extraterrestrial DNA itself.  In an infinite reality anything is possible, and it is more likely that several layers of Gods exist between us, and the one original eternal Macroverse God who always existed for eternity into the past.

In the final equation how the Universe, and humans came to be, is a theory since nobody but Gods in higher dimensions could see everything as it happened but logically it makes more sense that a Creator programmed our reality to look natural to see what we would do on our own, and to allow us to experience scenarios not possible with a Father God ruling directly over us.  Atheists who think everything came from nothing what so ever make no sense what so ever.  Some manner of higher dimensional being had to exist to start everything going even if that might not make sense to our small 3-D minds.  Even our limited minds know something coming from absolutely nothing is impossible.  And for those who think there’s no God is it not reasonable to assume the Universe is so old that species of intelligent beings would have already ascended to Godhood through technology even if they don’t believe in an afterlife.  Once there could these God’s then create an afterlife?  Even if there wasn’t a one original God someone somewhere had to ascend to it by now just through the odds of the infinite Universe where everything eventually happens.

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