If Life Isn’t Fair Then What Of Death?

September 1st, 2013
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Life Isn't Always FairThe saying that “Life Isn’t Fair” rings true for most people at one time or another in their lives.  More so for those living in war torn, and poverty stricken areas of the globe along with people suffering from disease, and disabilities.  Those who are pure of heart struck down in their prime by disease, and injuries must contemplate why their life is in ruins while others who walk a path closer to darkness, yet not evil enough to be erased from existence,  live on in luxurious health, and happiness.  Since life isn’t fair then it would be assumed that the opposite, death, would be fair.  Many religions preach a relief to the miseries of life within their various paradise afterlives.  However even in these wondrous afterlives of floating about the clouds about a loving light, or even existing in a simplistic Amish like paradise, things still wouldn’t be fair.  Sure from that point forward perhaps but would it not be fair to assume that those who deeply suffered would look upon those who didn’t with some manner of disdain?  They would still be questioning why the other guy had it so easy, and still got the same reward of eternal joy as the guy who went through hell.  Not to mention the laundry list of injustices, and unresolved issues from life.  Why would a fair, and benevolent God allow such extreme prejudice.  It makes no sense if everyone’s ending is the same minus that of the truly evil.

The fact is it makes no sense for God or any half decent person for that matter to have such inequality in lives.  Just like it makes no sense that an infinite God would only make one Universe where every soul only leads one life that may be the result of a simple roll of the dice, or a God driven destiny.  That’s where the world of quantum physics enters the picture.  A world where scientists believe that parallel Universes exist within a Multiverse outside the grasp of our biological senses.  Parallel Universes encompassing just about every life scenario imaginable.  Hopefully never more than we can bare if they’re bad but also shockingly amazing at the other end of the spectrum.  It would stand to reason that an eternal God with a never ending mind would be constantly creating new realities forever.  Universes where duplicates of ourselves lead a plethora of lives all linked together by our common soul.  A unified soul with all the memories of those lives that currently resides in the afterlife of the higher dimensions outside of our time-space.  That in a nutshell is the basis of the Godhoodism religion.

We believe that life is ultimately fair in the end because all humans, and other intelligent beings in the Universe with a higher dimensional soul, will have shared the same experiences making them all equal.  An extremely healthy, and vibrant billionaire born in a first world nation with the awesome action packed life is you in one parallel Universe is born into another handicapped within a famine ridden third world hell hole spending most of his life fighting to stay fed.  Fortunately this means you will partake of lives beyond the comprehension of your imagination on the extremely fair end of the spectrum, and also unfortunately at the height of unfairness as well.  Although on a whole most people lead somewhat decent to somewhat sub-par lives on this planet rather than languishing in hardcore hell.  This along with a just God leads us to believe that the extremely unpleasant lives would be far outweighed by the average, and above average lives.  As a complete complex soul of extreme wisdom, and intelligence you would be at peace with all the injustice wrought upon you while fondly remembering the terrific times as you forge forth to the ultimate goal of Godhood, and the creation of your own Universes complete with sentient beings.

Another piece of support for our afterlife fairness doctrine is that many religions preach that life is a test, and there will be a final judgement as to whether a person is good or evil.  Clearly these lives are not only to give us an amazing knowledge base to attain the wisdom of Godhood but also to test our worthiness to receive such an amazing gift of power, and responsibility.   Is one life really enough to know this, or to even exist in a supposedly perfect yet stagnate afterlife paradise?  Someone confined to a wheel chair from birth might be forced into goodness while in another reality they might become a deadly Hitler like dictator once freed from their limiting circumstances.  It would stand to reason that people would be good in some lives, and evil in others based on environmental circumstances such as the nation, and family they were born into along with other people they interact with, and a variety of other life scenarios that would shape their minds.  Genetics play a role as well especially when it comes to mental health, and intelligence.  Ultimately it’s the soul that needs to be judged.  The constant in all the parallel Universes that would restrict truly good people from crossing certain undesirable moral lines no matter how horrible a situation is, or how easy it would be to get away with something of a nefarious nature.  Encompassing all life scenarios would be a complete test of a soul’s worthiness to ascend to Godhood since having an evil God would be a bad thing for his creations, and  a threat to the other Gods as well.  Just as a brutal dictatorial leader is a threat to his neighboring nations.

The fairness of parallel Universes, and multiple lives would also provide an evil person with a complete picture of why they were judged to be evil, and will no longer exist.  We believe a fair God of justice would not have a mindless sadistic Hell, and would instead humanely erase the person from existence effectively putting them out of their misery. They will know they were given every chance in the Multiverse to be good, and they choose the path of evil the majority of the time.   So as you can see it makes sense on a variety of levels as to why we would lead multiples lives in the various parallel Universes thereby making life fair, and simultaneously preparing us to grow into Gods rather than remain perpetual children of God vegetating in a mindless afterlife that’s nothing more than an endless vacation leading to nowhere but ultimate boredom, and disgust with ones God. If freed from biological hardships, and given a mind capable of expanding into infinity wouldn’t everyone want to continue to grow, take up new challenges, and explore the unknown?  That is the great promise of Godhoodism, and you can rest assured that despite the hardships, and injustices of this life things will be resolved favorably in the end as you live happily ever after….unless your evil of course. 🙂

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