Why Near Death Experiences Aren’t Real

May 1st, 2010

There’s a reason why near death experiences are most likely not real and nobody will ever remember dying even when technology allows us to bring back the dead if they were cryogenically frozen.    Firstly, we already exist in the afterlife since it exists outside of time.  This means we theoretically existed there since the beginnings of time itself.  Although we’re not the person we are in this life.  In the non-physical realm of pure thought we were born into existence after we died in every near infinite parallel Universe we ever existed in.  As those lives are so varied and different from anything we know, the fact is once we have all those memories we become a totally different person.  A person who is ready to ascend to Godhood due to the amazing wealth of knowledge and life experience collected.  So basically our lives now viewed from our afterlife stand point are simply memories that took place within the confines of time and space.

That being said if we died and were resuscitated after 1000 years of being frozen, we would not be ripped out of our afterlife as it is far more than just that one life.  In order for us to remember the great beyond that’s what would have to happen.  Not to mention the fact that our tiny 3-D  biological brains would be incapable of comprehending the infinite memories and the state of existing outside time even if the flow of memories from our afterlife to our current life were possible.  We are connected to our body of pure thought in the afterlife called our soul or spirit as it is an element that shapes who we are in each life along with genetics and environment.  Still due to the amazing complexities between the two states of reality we only get the essence of who we are as opposed to actual memories.  From the vantage point of our spirit selves we are merely living memories.  Therefore we cannot have memories of being dead.

Near death experiences are merely our minds panicking because we know we’re dying.  The visions seen are manufactured illusions of our sub-conscious mind.  We see what we truly believe we should see deep down in our minds.  For example when an atheist sees things they thought they had no belief in they should admit they really fear death and are fooling themselves by denying the existence of God.  However those who describe floating above their body and seeing things they couldn’t have possibly seen might be the mind in an extra heightened state activating the sixth sense.

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