Can There Ever Be Justice For Every Atrocity In Human History?

April 13th, 2014
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Will There Ever Be Justice For Those Who Suffered Through Slavery?
12 Years A Slave is an award winning film about a free African-American who lived in New York, and was kidnapped for the purpose of being sold into the horrors of slavery during the mid 1800’s.  Throughout his twelve years of forced hard labor, and physical abuse, he witnesses the unspeakable horrors of malevolent, and mentally ill men.  These abominations were written in his memoirs since the film is based on a true story. Certainly slavery was one of the darkest chapters in US history.  Especially considering this was supposed to be the freest nation on Earth.  A large portion of the injustice came to a close with the Union winning the American Civil War in 1865.  Of course varying degrees of discrimination, and unfair hardship continue against black people to this very day.  Thanks in part to the continued divisive policies of a  government looking to sow discord out of fear of seeing a unified American populace.  United citizens who yearn for freedom, and could someday demand the end of the corrupt corporate controlled government.  Certainly not something the millionaires in Congress, or the tax exempt billionaire corporate stock holders would want to see.

What of the justice for all humans who suffered at the hands of others throughout history? Even if complete justice is seen someday for African-Americans, and all races of humans that shine the beacon of liberties hope among the shadows of tyranny all over the world. Whether it’s simply someone being rude to another individual or a full out holocaust against millions of people.  Is justice finally seen after death in the afterlife if none was had here in this cold rough reality?  Yes fairness is achieved but not for the reasons the average person thinks.  Just existing in a Heavenly paradise isn’t true justice nor is damning someone to eternal damnation since no crime warrants an eternal punishment.

Those who are truly evil will eventually be extinguished from existence thereby relieving others of their menace while ending the sad individuals own spiteful suffering.  This is the way of benevolent Gods whose Universal rule should be full of empathetic mercy rather than wicked sadism.  However before their time comes they will experience every atrocity they visited upon others thanks to parallel Universes.  Whether they were truly evil, or merely programmed by the circumstances of their environment without malice in the heart of their eternal soul, all will experience every mathematical probability. Probabilities within a certain calculation span determined by various Gods at differing higher dimensional levels who preferably don’t allow people to experience more than they can bear.  From Macroverse, Omniverse, and even lower Gods.  This means white slave owners will themselves be black slaves in an alternative timeline.  Ironically in some reality their white slave owners will be their former black slaves.  Since our true identities are the frequencies of our souls, rather than genetics, we will experience being all manner of races, and even extraterrestrial beings in all the parallel Universe within this Multiverse.  Of course the closest parallel Universe to this one would simply see role reversals between the same black, and white people courtesy of various changes in history.

Will either race  treat the other better with roles reversed?  Most likely not since humanity seems to be easily mentally molded by the dark royal plutocratic powers that be who have ruled over humanity since the dawn of civilization.  In the six dimensional level of the Afterlife we as five dimensional beings will have experienced all there is within the Multiverse thanks to the astronomical number of parallel lives we are currently simultaneously leading.  Our minds will flourish with memories of our experienced terrors, and the terrors we wrought upon others due to varying degrees of genetics, and environmental circumstances.  We will all experience shame, and joy over our acts of malice, and mercy through the annals of the parallel Universes.  In the end there will be equal justice for all who ascend to higher dimensional form while the wretchedly evil perish from conscious form.

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