Life Is But A Dream…

March 3rd, 2014
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Is The Afterlife Like Waking Up From A Dream?

Life Is But A DreamEven in the paradise of a higher dimensional afterlife some ask how can they ever get rid of the plethora of horrors experienced in their many lives in the parallel Universes.  For some just this life is bad enough.  Religions saying you will totally forget all your bad memories in the afterlife are lying to you.  What’s the point of going through something, and not learning from it.  It was all for nothing if your memories are erased.

When it comes to the your five dimensional soul, and higher you do have the fact that all your undesirable lives in the parallel Universes are in the minority compared to the vast majority which are your average, and good lives.  Of course particular bad memories would still stick out but they would fade with the expanse of higher dimensional time.  Since there is no such thing as higher dimensional psychiatrists, as you are considered perfect in the afterlife, then how do the dearly departed deal with the traumas of life?

When it comes to your four dimensional soul in this particular Universe we have some who sub-consciously can’t cope with being a spirit saying their final goodbyes so they simply walk into the light. Naturally that light leads to the Astral Plane between life, and death where everyone they knew from that Universe gathers together before moving on to life as a 5-D being composed of the memories of their parallel lives.  Most of us however will first find ourselves in our four dimensional spirit milling about as an Astral spirit attending our funeral.  When this happens there is an instant of total recall.  Every moment of your lives becomes the present simultaneously in our 4-D form, and we remember every 3-D moment in time vividly.  Even our previously unremembered time in the womb, birth, and time as a baby.  Capturing these previously elusive early memories often helps people feel love they might not have felt already.  However like anytime we wake up from a dream it fades quickly unless we really concentrate to remember it.  This helps us forget the bad stuff while we remember the good things but they’re still there sub-consciously for us to recall at will in our new powerful non-corporeal form.  The memory fade is more pronounced once we enter the light.

In our higher dimensional souls consisting of first all our parallel Universe selves, then parallel Multiverse selves, and then even our parallel Omniverse selves we also experience something similar to awakening from a dream with memories fading.  Although we have instant recall of anything at will.  Even when remembering the horrible stuff it’s exactly like vaguely remembering a nightmare.  It simply won’t elicit the same emotional response as when we were alive in biological form with the addition of biochemicals affecting your mental state.  So ultimately you will have no mental issues or traumas due to the “life is but a dream” factor coupled with no biochemical imbalances, the eternal expanse of higher dimensional time, and the vast majority of memories being non-hellish in nature.  Not to mention having a beyond powerful mind with truly infinite potential that will never stop growing!  You gain the strength, and wisdom of enduring hardships thereby making you worthy of higher dimensional Godhood without reliving the monstrosities of your three dimensional biological existence.

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