Does The Christian Hell Exist?

May 27th, 2009

HellNowhere in the Bible does it say anything about people burning in hell for eternity. There’s talk of burning in a lake of fire but a fire is all consuming. Those people would simply disintegrate in the flames and never exist again. Although I think the Bible is a book of fables made by men looking to control society. Still yet other men interpreted it differently to make people believe they would burn in hell so as to scare people into doing what they want. What would be the point of God threatening people to do what he wants? You’re not actually seeing if a person is good or evil. What kind of a test is that if indeed life is some test to judge if people are truly good.

You threaten someone enough and they’ll comply with just about anything. If God had a hell he wouldn’t tell anyone and would want to see what they do free of any influence from him. God would have to be extremely sadistic and evil himself to have such an eternal torturous place in his mind. There is no crime that fits an eternal punishment.  Such a punishment could only be marginally acceptable for an infinite being and God’s not about to put himself in hell.  The humane thing is to put evil people out of their misery and blink then out of existence as they were before they were ever born so the rest of humankind can live in peace for eternity.

Any religion that has a hell in it mythology has to ask itself what kind of a God would do such horrific thing and what would be the point?  If the ways of God as prescribed in the holy text are so right then why must people be threatened into complying.  By doing that you’re taking away free will and not getting to see who the real person is deep down.  Also you must take into account that everyone can’t be expected to believe it’s the word of God because there is no evidence to suggest that it is.  If a hell does exist then God is a supernatural being even the sainted souls should be afraid of!  Those who revel in the thought of anyone going to hell should also look inward, and ask why it makes them feel so good about themselves to imagine anyone’s eternal suffering.

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  2. Mike says:

    Hey, great post, very well written. You should post more about this.

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