Could There Be More Than One Macroverse God?

May 4th, 2013
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How Could The Universe, Or A God Always Have Existed For Eternity Into The Past?

Eye Of The Macroverse GodWe theorize that there are two origins of everything.  Either we had one infinite God who always existed for eternity into the past since there can only be one such being in that case, or there could be infinite Macroverse Gods if they were actually born.  An inanimate  object must be created, and could not exist without a beginning.  That being a Universe devoid of consciousness.  So in lieu of no God existing eternally we theorize a pool of infinite pure thought waves always existed.  It’s a compromise between the inanimate, and animate.  Over an amazing period of time the Macroverse God was born from random thoughts creating thought patterns, or like thoughts joining, until they coalesced into a sentient consciousnesses.  In this case the God has a beginning, and can never be truly infinite.  No matter how fast he expands his mind in the effort to take over the entire pool of pure thought he never can because it never ends.  So off in the great expanse there are countless other Gods being randomly created from pure thought as well.  In this case there can never be only one.

So there would be infinite Macroverse Gods with an amazing plethora of Omniverses within them.  Of course would we call them Macroverses since Macroverse is meant to define everything in our entire reality including the one infinite God.  In this scenario there isn’t an infinite God, and the Macroverse is actually the pool of pure thoughts.  Even if they joined together using the pool as a communications conduit, and acting as one, there’s still those infinite outer expanses that will never be tackled as they have no end.   In the absence of a new term they would be Sub-Macroverse Gods, or perhaps Hyper-Omniverse Gods.

Perceiving the first God as being born is easier to imagine as is having a pool of infinite pure thoughts being the thing that always existed forever.  Obviously there couldn’t have been a point where nothing existed since you can’t get something from nothing. Even with this scenario we technically can’t have a first God since the pure thoughts always existed.  This mean it was always birthing forth Gods which means there are Gods who always existed for eternity into the past.   Which actually goes against our hypothesis that there can be only one infinite God. Yet they aren’t infinite because they had a beginning, and their consciousness doesn’t expand for infinity.  Although you could also say biological beings always existed for eternity into the past since these Gods who always existed would have been creating life from their inception.  No matter what the concept of the Macroverse having no beginning is mind boggling, and impossible for our 3-D minds to comprehend.

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