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The beings classified as physical below may exist in this Universe or parallel Universes as all scenarios must be played out in the grand scheme of the Multiverse.  Although this is more or less an exercise in imagination.  Perhaps the lack of evidence that these supernatural entities exist indicates that we may exist directly in a Universe created by the original God as I cannot see how Gods who were once human wouldn't want to explore the existence of these beings.  Also could be they are really good at hiding or that this is simply a parallel reality where they don't exist.


The ultimate eternal supernatural beings.  The ultimate source of all power in the Universe.  They are omnipotent entities of pure thought who create Universes within their mind along with sentient beings who may one day become Gods themselves.  The first and original God who started everything that exists everywhere is the only being to have always existed for eternity into the past.  The only being and only thing to never have been created.  Ultimately all power in the Universe flows from the mind of the original God in which all Universes and all Gods exist.  The original God is the only 100% invincible immortal being to ever exist.    All other Gods theoretically share this although the original God or a group of Gods could extinguish their life-force.  Individually all Gods have equal power.  To take on another God would always end in a stalemate.  


Beings of pure thought who exist within heavenly realms just outside the direct realm of Gods pure thought.  They're usually the first beings a God creates for companionship.  They often aid a God in ruling his vast realm acting as intermediaries between him and other lower supernatural beings.   One angel may administer an entire Universe within the near infinite parallel Universe of a multiverse.  They perform many tasks including the dispensing of power to lower supernatural entities who fight for all that is good.   They are immortal and virtually invincible only through the protection and power of God.


As beings of free will Angels sometimes choose to leave God.  Some of these often become known as fallen angels or demons.  Those who dispense powers of evil to lower supernatural entities.  Upon choosing this path they loose some of their power that was originally imbued to them by God and they become imperfect in nature.  They generally go to a realm existing in a lower dimension of pure thought closer to the physical Universe where they usually follow the first fallen angel who is generally the most powerful.  Demons do not enjoy the protection and power derived from a God as there is no evil God.  Attainment of Godhood is not allowed or those judged evil by the original God.


Angels who have left God to travel the Universe on their own to find their own path and purpose.  This is permissible as God gives all beings free will. They take a human form in appearance only as they are still pure thought in nature.  They're not biological but rather composed of pure light and energy almost like that of a hologram except they are solid in form by harnessing various quantum particulate forces.  They possess great power including many powers of the mind,  flight, time travel, travel to parallel Universes, and beyond.  Some eventually earn their way to Godhood after many millions of years.  Some also eventually return home to heaven and become Angels again.  

Humans may also become Travelers when their consciousness is so strong, or an overly horrific life trauma causes them to actually break away from their infinite afterlife spirit containing the infinite memories of their infinite parallel lives.  They form a new independent soul and often times end up being ghosts at first but the strongest of wills eventually realize they can materialize into reality appearing human and exploring all of space, time, parallel Universe, higher dimensions, and beyond for all eternity.  Those who actually know about Travelers or have personally conceived of such a scenario for their afterlife transform into Travelers directly after death.  Read About Human Travelers Here.

As Travelers are still a pure thought beings they are more powerful than Demigods aka living Gods.  Travelers can also conceive children with humans.  The offspring become mere immortals.


Also known as living Gods.  The rarest of supernatural beings.  They are human in appearance although they have the power to appear as other beings.  As all Gods except the original were once human it's not hard to conceive that one could fall in love with one of his own creations.  On rare occasions  to the point of taking a human like form within their own mind in the Universe and making love to a human.  The result of such a strong love is always an offspring.  An immortal half-god half-human.  These are the strongest physical supernatural beings that can exist and they have the power to take over entire planets single handedly if they so choose.   They usually ascend to Godhood rather quickly shedding their human form to become a God.  Should their human half compel them to choose evil then they cannot ascend to pure thought form of any type.  They are either eradicated by their father God or descend into a  Demidemon becoming the most powerful of their kind in the Universe.


Also known as living demons. They are human in appearance although they have the power to appear extremely monstrous if they so choose.  They are often Travelers who eventually turn to evil slowly but surely lose their light and energy form and begin transforming into a human biological form with strength and speed slightly above that of a vampire.  They usually are noticed by a demon who imbues power directly upon them to create a living demon of the flesh who can appear human but can transform into a being far sinister looking than a vampire with a ferocious unidentifiable animal like form.  On some rare occasions a demon will mate with a human to create a Demidemon although Angels actively fight against such things.  Some lower beings of evil have also been known to ascend to the living demon level.  Their power exceeds that of an immortal although if a demon attacks an immortal the immortals angel parent imbues their power upon their child making them far stronger than the demon.

Some say the Anti-Christ will be a Demidemon.  His father or mother (demons have no gender) will be the most evil of demons and will take human form to mate with one of the most evil women or men on Earth.  Most likely a member of the 13 ruling families of the Illuminati aka New World Order who rule this planet through shadow governments controlled by their central banks located in the major nations on Earth. 


Immortal supernatural beings that appear human but have enhanced physical abilities.  They are created when an Angel or Traveler procreates with a human.  The offspring becomes an immortal.  Immortals themselves cannot procreate with a human nor another immortal.  Although they can with an angel.  They require no sustenance to survive.  They often become vampire slayers and battle the forces of evil around the Earth.  They are generally the highest force of good in the physical Universe.  There's also a lower form of immortal human that never ages by genetic fluke.  They have no special abilities, and live like normal humans being susceptible to their various weaknesses.


Immortal supernatural beings that appear human but can transform into sinister looking creatures with brilliant glowing eyes, and fangs.  They have enhanced physical abilities slightly weaker than immortals and they are vulnerable to sunlight, wooden stakes to the heart, holy water, religious artifacts, and other things that can weaken them or even cause death.  These weaknesses are a result of the demonic imperfection that originally formed them.  The first vampire was a result of a pure demon taking human form and mating with a human thereby creating a vampire birth.  Angels battle to stop this so it's extremely rare. There is also a weaker sub-species of vampire formed from various matings of Demidemons with humans.  All vampires can create other vampires by draining a human of blood which also introduces vampire DNA into the human body via saliva.  In scientific terms the saliva transmits a virus which causes an instantaneous unique type of  cancer to form.  The immortality of cancer cells is what keeps them going ironically.  In order to survive and retain their immortality they must feed off human blood.  With each successive generation of vampire their powers become more diluted so those brought across by ancient vampires have greater powers.  Someday the farthest generations from the original vampire line will be unable to bring others across.

Reverse Vampires

These extremely rare beings feed off of the blood of plants aka chlorophyll instead of human or animal blood.  Sunlight increases their powers which are stronger than the average vampire by day (depending on intensity of the sun) and weaker than the average vampires by night.  They have no other weaknesses and can only be killed by beheading or complete incineration.  Legend has it that an ancient vampire was enchanted by a wizard of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II.  The vampire fell in love with a fair royal lass who spurned his advances due to his blood lust.  He asked the wizard to remove the desire for blood yet at the same time keep his powers.  The wizard did so but the vampire not sickened by blood grew ever weaker.  Finally one night in the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon he became fixated on a mystical giant Venus flytrap type plant enchanted by the wizard as well from an earlier experiment.  The vampire bit into it and began drinking the chlorophyll which tasted like sweet sugar to him.  He soon gained his strength back and was able to walk in the sunlight but unfortunately he didn't realize his power was now linked to that plants chlorophyll and once it wore off he burst into flames and died. 

However the plant became the only plant on Earth to be "brought across" by a vampire.  It became a vampire plant and whenever someone happened past it they were attacked by it.  Before the plant was cast out into the nearby swamp it brought across a handful of people who became Reverse Vampires.   Since they can't bring transform anyone into a vampire their number are few.  The worlds only vampire plant was washed down river and eventually embedded itself in the soil along the bank.   It transformed a rare few who happened across it over the centuries and some say the worlds only immortal plant still exists somewhere in modern day Iraq.

Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, Sorcerers, And Magicians

Humans or other beings who access the powers of pure thought in the supernatural world of magic through spells and potions.  This magic can be of good or evil.  Their levels of power varying greatly depending on their knowledge and skill.  Some attain enough power to go up against demons and even angels although angels are generally protected by God.   Some carry magic blood within them that is passed from generation to generation and have limited natural powers which they generally enhance with knowledge of witchcraft and other magical arts.  These people originate from ancient humans who were the first to access the world of supernatural magic.  Their power was so great that it was literally imbued into their genetic code.  Although the humanity is always dominant so they are not immortal and they have no super physical abilities unless they cast a spell upon themselves which takes a high level of expertise.   However a rare few have used magic to achieve immortality.


Some who die with a super strong consciousness or an overly horrific life trauma will actually break away from their infinite afterlife spirit containing the infinite memories of their infinite parallel lives.  They will then haunt the places they died in, people who have effected them in life, or the place a trauma took place in either with full knowledge of what they're doing or in a haze that seems like a dream for them.  The strong willed immediately realize they can materialize into the physical world and become Travelers while others may choose to re-join their original soul and enter the afterlife of Godhood.  The weak willed need to play out their issues in their haunting or be helped out by a human, supernatural being, Angel, etc in order to move on to the afterlife.  Malicious spirits are eventually dealt with in a far less caring manner.

A number of ghosts are also simply mischievous demons. In addition a small amount are beings phasing into our reality from parallel Universes through some powerful thought process, mental projections of a powerful psychic, and various temporal anomalies.


Real Mermaid Photographed With Her ConsentA mermaid is primarily a superhuman whose spends most of their life below the waist as a fish.  They live primarily under the surface of the sea able to breath oxygen from the water through their nose. They are immortal creatures whose sustenance comes from a mystical form of sea kelp. These half fish half human entities evolved from an ancestor common to humans but with latent fish DNA that was supernaturally activated by an ancient wizard on the lost continent of Atlantis formally located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.  The Island continent of Atlantis not only developed fabulous technology far in advance of it's time but was also in touch with the supernatural world.  A wizard named Mermis foretold the end of Atlantis but few heeded his warnings.  His most loyal of followers choose to have their fish genes activated and imbued with supernatural powers with the help of other worldly forces.  When Atlantis sank the mermaids were the only ones to survive with Mermis being their leader after he underwent his own transformation.  They rebuilt Atlantis deep beneath the ocean.  Unfortunately they cannot procreate in fish form as they have no genitals.  They must mate by leaving the sea together or individually with a human.  As they have no sex drive this doesn't happen often so the mermaid population has stayed relatively small.  This has the added advantage of lessening the risk of their detection by the human world.

A mermaids tail transforms into human legs, feet, genitals, etc when they leave the sea and bask in the light of the full moon at the stroke of midnight. At the stroke of midnight on the night of the new moon they will revert back. During that time if their legs come in contact with sea water then they will revert back temporarily until their tail is completely dry again. They may return to human form on the next full moon. Legend also has it that they can stay in human form permanently if the full moon falls on Halloween.  Although they will loose their immortality and mystical powers becoming a full human.


Are humans who transform into monstrous wolf like humanoids during all nights a "full moon" is present regardless of cloud cover.  A full moon in terms of werewolf transformation is defined as 80% or more of the moons surface illuminated by the sun.  Werewolf transformation occurs after the sun sets sometime within nautical twilight.  The subject remains a werewolf until nautical twilight just before the sun rises.   Werewolves possess strength comparable to a large polar bear and the speed of a wolf(45 mph).  Their carnivorous teeth are as sharp as diamonds and tough as steel.  When in human form during the day they possess strength and speed above that of the average human.  At night in human form they can have double or even triple the strength and speed of the average person.  These superhuman abilities are the first clues that something has happened to them along with waking up naked and sometimes bloody from the previous nights hunt as they have no memory of being  a werewolf.

Werewolves are created when a werewolf bites a human thereby transferring the supernatural werewolf virus into the victims bloodstream.  From there it makes it to their cells where the DNA is altered.  Werewolves can be killed with silver bullets, silver stakes, any sharp silver implement including silver swords although being beheaded by anything tends to finish off just about any supernatural creature.


Borderline supernatural entities yet their abilities can vary as they do battle with the forces of good and evil.  They are either randomly born with or simply will their power to be so with the power of their own thought as pure thought is the foundation of all reality.  They can have super strength, enhanced senses, psychic powers, and various mystical martial arts powers.  Once some gain access to the supernatural world they find ways to enhance their power or ascend to higher levels.  Some become witches, wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers  Quite a few become lower level vampire slayers


Are a type of living dead creature like vampires except their power is limited.  Like vampires they are composed out of a unique type of cancer cells except their cells are closer to human cancer which causes their gradual decay even as they walk around fully animated.  The first zombie was created when an new embalming process was used on a prominent member of an ancient Sumerian community who was actually still alive.  As the man died his body reacted with the unique set of ingredients that induced Zombification.  He rose from his grave and proceeded to cannibalize the community.  He was destroyed but not before turned many into zombies.   A few escaped to create the global zombie population.  Zombification can happen to any human or animal if they are bitten by a zombie, somehow inadvertently come into prolonged contact with zombie tissue, or  breath air in an enclosed space where zombies have been for an extended period of time decaying.  The zombie virus is quite contagious.  It is also possible for those who dabble in the dark magic's to curse a dead body or even entire graveyard to bring about mass Zombification.   Zombies would technically be immortal if not for the slow decay of their rotting flesh.  If no other being damages a zombie it will most likely live no longer than 3 years at the most assuming it eat no human flesh.  A continuous supply of human flesh slows down their decay considerably and they then could live up to 7 years.  Although some who practice the dark arts create loyal immortal living dead servants through a magical stasis like state.  Zombies lose all memories they had as a human and run on the pure instinct to seek out human flesh unless someone with magical powers takes control of their feeble mind to feed them simple commands.  Zombies are about twice to thrice as strong as normal humans although their flesh can be easily damaged giving a human a distinct advantage.

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Does Life Exist In Lower Dimensions?  We are three dimensional beings who live in fourth dimension of space-time so lower dimensions would be the 1st, 2nd, and the zero dimension.  These dimensions exist as foundation dimensions.  However it's unknown if actual lower dimensional beings could exist.  It's probable they'd be nothing more than simple energy based beings on the level of single celled Amoeba.  Certainly nothing intelligent.  Could a cartoon like world of unseen 2-D beings exist within a 3-D bubble Universe?  Perhaps we can't see it because we can't actually view a frozen 3-D bubble of our 4-D Universe.

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