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Are Vampires Real?

A rare photo of a female vampire.Immortal supernatural beings that appear human but can transform into sinister looking creatures with brilliant glowing eyes, and fangs.  The more ancient vampires have other demonic facial features when they transform at will usually before a kill.  They have enhanced physical abilities slightly weaker than Immortals and they are vulnerable to sunlight, wooden stakes to the heart, holy water, religious artifacts, and other things that can weaken them or even cause death.  These weaknesses are a result of the demonic imperfection that originally formed them.  The first vampire was a result of a pure Demon taking human form and mating with a human thereby creating a vampire birth.  Angels battle to stop this so it's extremely rare. There is also a weaker sub-species of vampire formed from various matings of Demidemons with humans.  All vampires can create other vampires by draining a human of blood which also introduces vampire DNA into the human body via saliva.  In scientific terms the saliva transmits a virus which causes an instantaneous unique type of  cancer to form.  The immortality of cancer cells is what keeps them going ironically.  In order to survive and retain their immortality they must feed off human blood.  With each successive generation of vampire their powers become more diluted so those brought across by ancient vampires have greater powers.  Someday the farthest generations from the original vampire line will be unable to bring others across.

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