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We tell you what really happens when you truly die.  Near death experience isn't death.

What is Godhoodism?  What Happens When I Die?

Your The God Of Yourself!  Click Here To Read Our Religious Godhood Blog.Our holy faith teaches that you are your own God and you should do what you think it right and worship yourself while of course at the same time respecting others as fellow Gods and doing no harm to them or infringing on their free will.  Naturally negativity toward others is unavoidable in this imperfect reality but confining it to thoughts is okay.  The number and severity of your negative acts is what indicates if you're evil and therefore not worthy of Godhood.  We believe in infinite parallel Universes in which you live out every scenario possible within a certain reason. In essence your goodness or lack there of will be proved by how you handle perfect lives, horrid lives, and everything in between.  The days of our lives are really a test for Godhood.   All your near infinite lives provide you with an amazingly immense collection of experiences, and knowledge that will prepare you to become a God. All your memories are collected in a single spirit or soul that resides in the realm of pure thought that exists outside this physical reality and outside time as we know it. You may call such a realm Heaven and your unified parallel Universal form may be called an Angel.  Once you die in every reality you will awaken in your new life where you will be reunited with everyone you ever knew who have now ascended to Angelhood if they are judged not to be evil.  Since your spirit or Angel self exists outside of time then you and everyone you know do in fact already exist there.  For all intents, and purposes the life we're leading now is a memory set in our living Heavenly soul.   At some point you will ascend to a pre-God state that we'll refer to as Archangel status.  There is another level of Universes called Multiverses which are a collection of parallel Universes parallel to each other stemming from Universes that began from alternate big bangs or by other variables.  The laws of physics may or may not be different in those Multiverses.  

All your fellow Gods and the God of this Universe, who we'll get to later, will take you the rest of the way to Godhood. You will learn how to look inside yourself and create a physical reality and sentient beings all of which you will be responsible for and who will someday join you as Gods themselves.  The only mystery is whether or not this collection of parallel Universes we now directly reside in was created by the original God. The one who started everything and who always existed, or is this the creation of another God who was once a biological creature?  There's even a scenario that our God or Gods are still biological and that this reality resides within a quantum computer in which we are sentient programs.  Click Here To Read More About This Scenario.

Do Angels Exist & What Are They?

 As mentioned above Angels do indeed exist, and most are probably former humans, and other biological beings.  Really would it make sense for God to just create a being only in Heaven, and then expect them to be anything but babies forever?   When an Angel is brought into existence they already have the extensive wealth of knowledge from their countless lives as biological entities in the physical realities.  We are the Angels, and we are the Gods.  If that wasn't the case then we'd be nothing more than smart animals, and slaves as well.

I'm Confused.  What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?

From your viewpoint you were born here first but in reality you first came into existence as your first unified form in the highest dimensions which would be an Archangel or pre-God for most.  We might say this is so due to existing outside of time but in reality time is the next dimension above so the higher dimensions do experience time in their own unique way.  After all even Angels, and Gods need a progression of events or thoughts.  A God existing in the Macroverse as an Omniverse creates what would be called time within his or her infinite mind.  Your first true moment of existence and your first birth into the Macroverse was probably as a God.  We were not born randomly due to people having sex on Earth.  God created each of us individually in a higher dimension as an Archangel.  We awaken as an instant infinitely intelligent non-corporeal super being with the knowledge and experiences of our Angelic lives which are in turn a collection of all the memories of our lives within each Multiverse that's composed of near infinite parallel Universes.  It's difficult to explain how on one hand you ascend from your lower form but on the other you already exist in that form.  It's all a mater of perspective which is difficult with our limited three dimensional brains.

So we are born as pre-God Archangels and know God as our father/mother from day one.  We get to decide if we want to ascend to Godhood or remain a child Archangel serving God.  We may also choose to become a free spirit known as a Traveler or also choose to be blinked back out of existence.  Those who are evil never actually gain consciousness in Archangel form.  At the moment he creates an Archangel he sees it's evil by all they've done in their near infinite biological lives and within the blink of an eye he eradicates the soul from existence again.  Such beings have no idea they've been judged guilty of being evil.  Most however gain Angel form briefly but are quickly given the option of being eradicated from existence or leaving the Heavenly realm to take demonic form in the 4th dimension.  Taking such a form only delays their inevitable eradication from existence.  Such individuals are evil in every Multiverse they ascend to Angelhood in.  Those who are good in some and evil in others have the chance to redeem themselves as Angels.  This is sort of where the legend of purgatory came from although it's not a hellish scenario.  They are with all the good Angels or spirits.

From our Archangel birth most of us will ascend to Godhood status and create our own Universes within the great Macroversal expanse.  We will in essence be an Omniverse or at least our heart is the Omniverse.  Although we are pure thought with infinite potential so our minds can expand outward for all eternity.

What Is The Afterlife & The Structure Of The Universe?

The basic structure of the Universe and the after life is that we as biological beings exist in this four dimensional Universe which is parallel to near infinite other Universes that all stemmed from the big bang.  These exist within a five dimensional hyperspace where all the mathematical probabilities within a certain reason are played out. Together all the parallel Universes form a six dimensional Multiverse.  There are countless other Multiverses with each stemming from other big bangs or other scenarios that created a new Universe.  We believe that not only do you exist multiple times in the parallel Universes of this Multiverse but within those other Multiverses as well.  When you die in all the Universes of a Multiverse or ascend out of them you become a five dimensional Angel who exists in six dimensional space which is a level of Heaven.  So you then live the life of an Multiversal Angel parallel to your countless other Angel lives.  What it is that you do as an Angel will be discussed at a later time but at some point you're ready to ascend onward.  When all your Angel selves ascend you become a seven dimensional Archangel or pre-God in the 8th dimension.  From there you can move on to become an independent God to enjoy the ultimate freedom as nature intended.  Click here to see a detailed structural chart of the Universe, and the after life.

The after life is the true beginning of your life, and not the end.  You first come into existence as a being of pure thought, aka an Archangel, in higher dimension you could call Heaven.  It's the most amazing birth ever because you become instantly aware of the near infinite memories of your countless lives as a biological being, and an Angelic being as well.  The knowledge you attain in your numerous Angel lives makes aware that you're in fact in the after life of Heaven so nobody has to explain where you are.  There's no shock in your situation.  In fact you feel completely loved, and at peace as you come into existence simultaneous with all you ever knew within the warm light of the Omniversal God.  Although there's a slim chance it could be the one original God who started everything.  Once born into the great gathering of Archangels God, and also other Archangels who are servants of God guide you through your final journey to Godhood.  At some point you make the choice to make the final ascension to God.  You are released out of Gods mind, aka the Omniverse, into the great infinite pure thought expanse of the Macroverse, aka the original God.  There you no longer feel any confinement, and expand your pure thought consciousness outward infinitely forming an Omniverse or perhaps some new creation within yourself.  You then go about the grand task of forming your own Universes, and sentient beings.  Sentient beings that are apart of your mind whose lives you can experience.  You can also commune with the near infinite other Gods within Macrospace as well.  You can send your consciousness anywhere at will.  Eventually you will meet the original God who always existed because you are apart of him as well.

Why Godhoodism?

Why not?  Should we remain kids forever and have one of many mindless existences of  promised paradise perfection that would undoubtedly get boring after a time or should we continue to grow as sentient beings?  Our thoughts of consciousness and sub-consciousness know no bounds, and if we have free will then we should be able to follow our dreams into infinity, and beyond. In this world our parents strive to see us grow up and be successful adults like them so why would the God who created us not want the same equivalent?  For us to grow out of our limited existence and be a God like him?  To continue to grow like him through the observation and feeling of his children's infinite lives.  Through the friendship of fellow Gods as well.

So Shouldn't We Worship God?

Our theory is that he's gone to a lot of trouble to hide himself and he surely didn't create all these fairy tale religions with their constricting and sometimes silly rules.  So he obviously doesn't have a God complex which is rather ironic don't you think?  To require worship is to have a big ego and be full of yourself.  A negative quality in any being indeed.  Some might even say a quality of evil.  If God created a religion we'd like to think he wouldn't ask people to worship him and bow down to him like common ego filled royalty.  Although royals did nothing to earn their status.  This is something they would have in common with the one original God.  Still we don't know if the original God might have ever chosen to live out life as a human in infinite scenarios and go through the trials of life like us thereby earning his way to a Godhood he was born into.

So What If I'm Evil?

We go on the assumption that only reasonably decent people become Gods and that the Almighty of all the Universes is the same so it's a fair bet that if you're evil and you die then your really dead.  You simply don't exist ever again.  We don't believe in hell because there is no crime that fits such a punishment.  The existence of such a place implies a sadistic nature which would be an evil trait for a God.  The removal of your evil waste of space from our reality is justice and punishment enough.   In all fairness however even if your evil in this reality you might still end up being good in the majority of parallel Universes.  Although we believe that those who commit horrific acts in one reality are most likely evil in the majority of others.  This is due to the power of your spirit overriding the other two factor that govern your life.  Environment and genetics.  If your spirit is good you simply can't commit a horrific acts of evil.

What Happens To Evil People When They Die?

As we stated a good God doesn't dole out eternal punishments as that would be sadistic and would serve no purpose.  Not to mention having people tortured in your mind forever is just sick.   There simply isn't a crime that fits an eternal punishment.  It's merely a scare tactic used by man made religions to keep you in line. Upon all their near infinite deaths an evil person awakens and will most likely see their soul mate who almost always tends to be evil as well due to their spirits being created from common thought threads.  Both will immediately realize they are evil as they relive all the near infinite opportunities they were given to be good but choose the easy childish path of evil.  At that point God will introduce himself and tell them are no longer welcome to exist anymore.  They will almost always agree with him and he will in essence delete their spirits painlessly from his mind and they will cease to exist as they did before he ever created their souls in the first place.  Those who protest are most likely beyond evil and he delete them swiftly in a simulated painful flash of anger.

Is God Evil?

No. We assume a God wouldn't be evil simply because being evil is too easy, and an extremely childish behavior even when taken to the highest extremes.  A God would be beneath such behavior although a God can dole out a temporary punishment toward an evil one that might appear to be an evil act from a mortals perspective.  If the original God isn't evil then he would not allow any others to be evil.  Although everything came from him so there must be some evil or darkness within him although such traits may simply stem from imperfection itself which must exist in order to explore all the scenarios of the parallel Universes.  Since God is perfection therefore he must be mostly Good in nature.

What Happens To Future Human Civilizations Comprised Of Immortals?

So what happens if a society advances and evolves technologically to create immortal humans who eventually explore everything working their way up into the dimensions of pure thought you will exist in?   The fact is you will find out since it's a scenario everyone will experience in other parallel Universes.  This is a direct ascension to Godhood status and the most satisfying one a society can attain.  The attainment of Godhood as the ultimate completion to the human story.  The reason every member of society has toiled for thousands of years as a seemingly insignificant cog in the giant machine of life.  But of course on the other hand they were also gaining life experience for their own Godhood they would have seen upon death in that reality.

Those who directly ascend to the higher dimensions of pure thought in the future only ascend to Godhood once they merge with their spirit or souls in those realms.  Oddly enough an individual could be independent of his or her soul, now a God, and carry out a conversation with them.

Do Aliens Exist And Do They Become Gods?

Yes.  God wouldn't limit himself to sentient life on one planet nor would he limit himself to one species.  Depending on the parallel Universe you exist in there might be virtually no other alien life or an over abundance.  Any decent sentient being can become a God and in turn create any type of sentient beings he so chooses.  Once in non-physical pure thought form such things don't really matter just as the bonds of racial discrimination will fade away as well.

Do I Have A Soul Mate?

Yes God intertwines most souls with another upon their creation in the realm of pure thought.  Although upon creation a rare few aren't meant to have one for they truly are independent Gods from day one.  When one first awakens in their soul upon all their infinite deaths the first person they see is their soul mate.  Rather than having a Jesus son who is truly apart of your thoughts it would be more likely that your soul mate would fill that role.  The majority does indeed have a soul mate but the parallel Universes you were with them are very small.  Many Gods have chosen to join with their mate and become a Duo-God that has no gender.   A good number exist side by side with their soul mate but create and rule their own independent Universes.  No matter what the combo you usually separate when traveling in human form or talking to past friends or kids who'd rather not talk to an odd daddy-mom or mommy-dad.

I Have A Big Ego Or I Like Riddles That Could Mean Anything So Can I Create A Religion For My People?

You sure can but make it obvious you wrote it's holy book by making it the most amazing thing anyone's ever read.  I mean after all you have the near infinite knowledge of so many parallel Universes so it would be sad to write crazy contradictory Bible like fables right?  Also try not to get all cryptic with riddles and future predictions.  Writing in a Bible like fashion doesn't make you look smart it just bores and frustrates people.  Just write what you mean and make it clear to understand for your children.  We also recommend not making it cut and dry at the end.  Give your people a choice and don't threaten them with hell fire and stuff.  In addition try writing it yourself and leave it in the past a million years before civilization exists so as to give more proof it's from you rather than a recent man made creation

Still we strongly suggest against creating a religion unless it's like ours or with very few rules.  As future Gods you want your people to have free will without fear of reprisal.  You want to see what they will do on their own and experience all they can in the Universe.  You want to see if they're truly good or evil by seeing what they do in every scenario in every Universe.  Religion stifles that and creates conflict and violence.  Enough man made ones will exist for all that so why dip your hand into the evil?

Can I Just Not Hide And Be With My People?

Please don't.  It takes away from your  mystery and splendor that is you along with ruining the whole "I wonder what they'll do on their own" thing.  Just wait until they ascend to Godhood or pick a tiny number of people you really like.  Although exploring such a scenario in some parallel Universes might be interesting.  You also have the option of taking human form and having friends and doing whatever else you want. 

Can I Create Magical Realities Where Supernatural Beings Really Exist?

Knock yourself out!  Create magic, fairies, genies, vampires, werewolves, Santa Claus, and Leprechauns as well while your at it!  Every universe could use more magic.  See Supernatural Beings.

So Won't Being God Get Boring Eventually?

Yes it's possible that you might get tired of making Universes, new beings, watching it like reality TV, and then greeting the new Gods after several trillions of years.  But there is a society of Gods for you to interact with.  Your free to take any form and do anything you want within you own Universes, and even other Gods Universes with their permission.  You can even return to your Universe of origin where you were human and explore the entire Universe at any time period you wish.  The skies the limit when your a free God.  It's certainly a hell of a lot better than floating around a God in some heaven doing nothing for eternity or being nothing more than a sentient animal child on an Earthly paradise.

Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen?

The boredom factor along with testing us to see if we're good or evil is the true reason why the Universe isn't perfect and God allows atrocities to happen.  Although as God he could see all our infinite futures instantly and know from day one if we were good or evil and then extinguish us instantly.  On that count it's about effecting every scenario on the good people and letting the evil people know they were truly evil.  God apparently wants to see every scenario but we don't know for sure if he ever does intervene in extreme cases.  Since we feel Gods are good then God should intervene to insure we don't experience more than we can bear.   Naturally the experiences facilitating the training of Gods is a convenient perk for him and brings him even closer to you, his children   As a God you can choose to have your Universe anyway you like but making it perfect will create nothing but perpetual children ill equipped to be Gods.  They'll hate you even more for the hellish boredom they'll suffer and you'll be bored to tears watching nothing much happen.

What If I Don't Want To Be A God?

Since who you are now is only a minute fraction of the super person you will become you can't really say that for sure.  Maybe when the time comes you still won't want the awesome responsibility, have to watch atrocities take place, or damn people to a life of bored perfection.  There's still a healthy balance in customizing your Universe the way you see fit but if you still aren't interested then you can still take part in the community of Gods in the realms of pure thought beyond all physical reality who will comprise your family and friends not to mention the infinite exploration possibilities of so many endless Universes.

Do You Have A Holy Book?

No need.  All you need to know is right here on this web site.  Unless making up a bunch of life lesson fairy tales would make you feel better about yourself.  If your a future God then you should already naturally know the difference between right and wrong.  However someday we might create a short book as an alternative for the lengthy and rather preachy nonsensical gibberish of the Holy Bible and other man made religions which were created as Earthly control mechanisms by other men who want power over you and all your decedents.  We want everyone to have free power over themselves.

Do You Have Church Services?

Why?  What more is there to say?  Would it make you feel better to sit in a building and listen to boring nonsense for hours once a week?  Would donating your hard earned money to us make you sleep better at night?  Donate your money to a worthy cause directly or go out and help someone in need.  Go look in the mirror once a day and worship and love yourself for you are your own future Lord.  There's your church service right there.

Do You Accept Donations?

Not at this time however we'd appreciate it if you would buy something in our religious shop, buy something at Amazon by clicking here, or click any ad on our site in order to support our continuing efforts in bringing enlightenment to the world at large. 

How Can I Take Your Religion Seriously If It Seems To Mock Everything?

Because life should be fun and not so damn serious.  If you can't have fun here for whatever reason then you'll have it in the great beyond.  For a lot of people making light of life is a great way to cast off the shackles of hell it brings to bear on many.  Thanks of course to the God of this Universe.

Is This The Mysterious Meaning And Purpose Of Life?

Yes it is.  You finally know what this is all about.  Satisfying isn't it?

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