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What Is A Traveler In The Paranormal Sense?

A Traveler is the ultimate free spirit who wishes to be released of all responsibilities in life and the afterlife.  In a sense they are even freer than Gods because they don't have the awesome responsibility of ruling over an Omniverse and the sentient beings within.  A Traveler is the ultimate expression of human free will and pure thought that shapes who we are.  They are the eternal explorers of space, time, parallel Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, all the higher dimensions within including the Heavenly realms of the afterlife, and everything within the one original mind of God known as the Macroverse.  They can be composed of biological matter when in physical form but are usually composed of pure light and energy creating a solid hologram appearing in human form via the power of their mind and the harnessing of quantum level forces of photons.  Photons being the quintessence of pure light that also encompasses the electromagnetic force.  It all depends on how they directly translate themselves from the higher dimension of non-corporeal reality.  Their powers are limitless and can stretch to anything imaginable yet limited by the Gods mind they travel within.

Travelers can form when humans decide to declare independence from their spirit because they wish to remain as they are instead of becoming an integrated entity composed of all their parallel lives in the afterlife.  A rare few can achieve this while still alive by merely willing it to be so while others must die and either self-resurrect or directly re-translate into a new powerful immortal form while in a 4 dimensional ghost like format in the 5th dimension after death.  At some point in their journey they may decide to integrate with their original spirit which is always an option and may in fact  be apart of their eternal journey since it's a scenario for a God to experience.  Sometimes Angels and Archangels, who are beings composed of near infinite human lives in parallel Universes and Multiverses, may choose to be free and become Travelers.  They generally have no wish to ascend further to Godhood or remain in the Heavenly realms.  They wish to not be parents in a God sense nor children in an Angel sense.  They simply wish to be free and do as they please within reason so as long as they bring no harm to others.  Acts of evil would result in God extinguishing them from existence.  Travelers are in fact renowned for helping people out along the way in their eternal explorations of everything that is everywhere.  Sometimes they even eventually meet the one original eternal God himself.

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