Brain WavesThe Binaural Beats Blog is here to organize,and broadcast a variety of self-help videos. This includes Binaural Beats (Brain Wave Alteration), Isochronic tones, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), subliminal (mental re-programming), 3-D holophonic virtual reality sound effects (Beyond Stereo Sound), and other audio immersion videos. Some audio may just be sounds while others may incorporate music to prevent monotony if you’re easily bored. Whether you’re looking for more energy, better sleep, releasing stress, aiding a health issues, or entering higher states of consciousness this blog is the place to be!

Binaural Beats, or Tones, are audio stimulus designed to create a physical response that can include alteration of brain waves that may or may not affect ones health in a positive manner.

The alternation of brain waves can create varying energized or relaxed states that include the following brain wave types:

  • Gamma Waves – Highly active deep thought mental state of profound thoughts, and insights.Waves
  • Beta Waves – Active conscious state most of us are in when we’re awake living out our busy days.
  • Alpha Waves – Relaxed physical, and mental state.  These waves can also be present in an active REM dream sleep state.
  • Theta Waves – Deep meditation, light sleep, and dreaming REM sleep state.
  • Delta Waves – Unconsciousness or deep sleep state without dreams.

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