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Those Who Prematurely Try To Emulate Godhood Before Death Or The Necessary Technological Societal Evolution

There are a select few of the wealthy elite over the ages who have chosen to exercise power over your own divinity as a future God thereby destroying countless billions of lives.  The video below will teach you of their manipulation of you and all of the human race.  It's true that the end result of everyone whose not evil becoming a God will be the same but still why should you and billions of past and future humans(Future Gods) have to suffer needlessly.  Those responsible for the inception and perpetuation of the frauds, and abominations in the video below will never attain the eternal all powerful existence of Godhood but rather will enjoy their less than a century of earthly false godhood before they perish away into perpetual non-existence for all eternity.  While watching this video please be sure to not only direct anger at them but also a tad bit of pity at their ignorance of the Universe that makes yours caused by their deception look like a Sunday afternoon church social.  Ultimately they're the real fools whether you choose to free yourself from their shackles or not.  You will be victorious in the end if you reject evil and live life to the best of your ability respecting all individuals right to exist.

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